What to expect after your successful application

  • You'll be co-authoring Brian Tracy in his upcoming international book.
  • You share your knowledge, your vision and your experience through 2.000 words with millions of interested readers
  • You benefit from huge visibility and credibility with a reach of millions of people worldwide. 
  • You get the licence for 3.000 bestseller copies, the e-book, social media creatives, SEO ranking and your personal book funnel including landing page
  • We take care of the book cover design with you and Brian Tracy, the translation, book layout, ISBN, online distribution etc.
  • We take care of checking and post-processing of your written pages and are offering professional support
  • You will receive 3 hours of coaching for positioning and marketing strategy with your bestseller book
  • The book will be published worldwide on Amazon

Who is this unique opportunity for?

Our co-authorship is specifically designed for driven and ambitious entrepreneurs, consultants, and experts who:

  • Want to expand their visibility and credibility on a global level.
  • Possess knowledge and expertise in areas such as marketing, leadership, conflict management, change management, or sales psychology, and wish to share this with a broad audience.
  • Are seeking an effective marketing strategy and positioning for their brand or personal brand.
  • Are ready to invest in a significant opportunity that can elevate their business and reputation to a new level.

Please note: This unique opportunity requires an investment on your part. This investment not only involves your time and knowledge, but also a financial commitment. However, this investment will enable you to become part of an international bestseller project, gaining unparalleled visibility and recognition.


"Succeeding in Business in any Market" 

What are you waiting for?!

The co-authorship project with Brian Tracy is more than just a book project - it's a chance to solidify your expert status, extend your network, and ultimately, increase your influence in your field. If you're ready to invest in your future and take the next steps on your path to success, apply now for a co-authorship in our upcoming book.

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